Command line interface

Command line interface

Generate and manage short URLs from the command line.
List short codes, see visits or get the URL behind a short code.



Access your shortened URLs from anywhere.
Simple authentication and easy to integrate.

Shlink will track all the visits to your short links, saving detailed information and then transparently redirecting the visitor to the long URL:

  • Referer
  • Remote IP address
  • Location of the visitor
  • User agent

What makes Shlink different

Shlink adds all this features which are not usually available in other free services.

  •   Generate QR codes on the fly pointing to your short URLs:
  •   Get previews of the websites behind any short URL:
  •   Track emails using a 1px transparent image:
  •   Tag your short URLs and classify them for later analytics.
  •   Use custom slugs in your short URLs:
  •   Limit access to short URLs, by date range and/or number of visits.

Why shlink?

The name is an abbreviation for "short link", but if you get the words "shrink" and "link" together, the result is shlink too.
It is also the sound made by a sword being unsheathed.

Shlink is a PHP-based open source project, delivered under the MIT license and hosted on Github.
It is built with cutting edge technologies, such as Zend Expressive, Doctrine or Symfony.