The definitive self-hosted URL shortener

Keep control over all your shortened URLs, by serving them under your own domains, using this simple yet powerful tool.

Progressive web app

Manage multiple Shlink instances using this beautiful and intuitive progressive web application.


Access your shortened URLs from anywhere. Simple authentication and easy to integrate.

Command line

Generate and manage short URLs from the command line. List URLs, see visits, manage your domains, etc.

What makes Shlink different?

Shlink adds some features which are not usually available in other hosted and self-hosted services.

How does it work


Download a dist file and self-host Shlink yourself, or just drop the docker image on your container-based infrastructure.


You can convert a long URL into a short one by letting Shlink generate a unique short code for you, or by providing a custom human-friendly slug.


Publish your short URLs in social networks, send them via email or use them on your marketing campaigns.


Every time a user clicks on a short URL, Shlink will collect anonymized visit stats and geolocate the visitor.

Why Shlink?

The name is an abbreviation for "short link", but if you get the words "shrink" and "link" together, the result is shlink too. It is also the sound made by a sword being unsheathed.

Shlink is a PHP-based open source project, distributed under the MIT license and hosted on Github.
It is built with cutting edge technologies, such as Mezzio, Doctrine and Symfony.