GeoLite2 license key

Shlink makes use of a GeoLite2 database, by MaxMind, to geolocate visits to your short URLs.

To make sure the data is always up-to-date, it downloads new versions of the database regularly.

However, in order to do this, Shlink needs a GeoLite2 license key. These licenses are free, and you can easily generate one by following the instructions below.


If you don’t provide a GeoLite2 license key, Shlink will simply not geolocate visits.

Generate a license key

In order to generate the license key, follow these steps.

Provide the license key to Shlink

Once you have your license key, you will need to provide it to Shlink.

  • Via environment variable: use GEOLITE_LICENSE_KEY to set your license key.
  • Via installation tool: you will be asked to provide the license key when installing or updating Shlink, or you can use set-option to set it later.