Serve Shlink using RoadRunner

Starting with v3.3.0, Shlink can be served with RoadRunner.

It is a web server written in Go, that lets you load Shlink in memory and serve requests without bootstrapping the whole application on every request.

It works similarly to node.js, and is currently the officially recommended runtime.

Installing RoadRunner binary

In order to serve Shlink with RoadRunner, you have to first download its binary.

Luckily, Shlink includes everything you need to do it, and it will resolve the proper one for your operating system and system architecture.

Just run php ./vendor/bin/rr get --no-interaction --location bin/ && chmod +x bin/rr and you will get the binary named rr inside Shlink’s bin folder.

After that, run ./bin/rr serve -c config/roadrunner/.rr.yml and the server will start and be available in the port you previously configured (8080 by default).

Shlink as a system service

The command above is enough to “start” Shlink, but you probably don’t want to do that manually every time.

If you use Linux, this page explains how to set up a RoadRunner server as a systemd daemon.

Just make sure to replace ExecStart with /path/to/shlink/bin/rr serve -c config/roadrunner/.rr.yml, as explained there.