Short Menu for Mac

You can download Short Menu for Mac from their official website.

It supports several SaaS URL shorteners out of the box, but you can also configure custom services.

In order to integrate your Shlink instance with it, open Short Menu, and go to Preferences.

Short Menu for Mac popover

Once there, you have to select Custom Services.

Short Menu for Mac custom services

Click on the + button, on the bottom-left corner, in order to configure a new custom service.

Once there, you have two options:

  • Use the regular POST endpoint, which supports providing all the configuration options listed in the API spec.

Short Menu for Mac POST shortening

  • Use the GET endpoint, where the only thing that can be provided is the long URL.

Short Menu for Mac GET shortening

Regardless the option you choose, you need to replace {SHORT_DOMAIN} with the domain in which you are exposing your Shlink instance, and {API_KEY}, with your own API key.