URL shortening

Obviously, Shlink would not be any good if it was not capable of shortening URLs.

Visit stats

Track all the visits to your short URLs, including stats like location, visitor's browser or referrer.

Custom slugs

Personalize your campaigns' short URLs by using custom slugs or multi-segment custom slugs.


Serve multiple short domains under the same Shlink instance. You can even use the same custom slugs.

Dynamic redirects

Dynamically redirect visitors to different places, like the App Store for iPhone users or different landing pages based on the language.

QR Codes

Generate QR codes on the fly pointing to your short URLs.


Tag your short URLs and classify them for later analytics.


Emojis are just unicode. Use them in your short URLs, long URLs, titles, tags or anywhere you want.

Real-time updates

Subscribe to events on Shlink, by integrating your instance with mercure or RabbitMQ.

Limited access

Limit access to short URLs, by date range and/or maximum number of visits.


Shlink exposes a fully featured REST API that simplifies integrating it anywhere.

API key roles

Limit the resources with which an API key can interact, by domain or only short URLs created with it.

Docker image

Use the official docker image to deploy Shlink in a container-based infrastructure.

GDPR compliant

IP addresses are anonymized by default, making Shlink compliant with different data protection regulations.

Third party imports

Import your existing short URLs from third parties like bit.ly or YOURLS.

Bot detection

Exclude visits from potential bots from your stats.

Multiple DB engines

The most popular relational database engines are supported: MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres and Microsoft SQL.

Email tracking

Generate a 1px transparent image that can be used to track emails.